We sell on-pack attachments also known as hitchhikers. We have been in business since 1985 providing the highest level of services, quality, and economy.

We offer a complete range of carriers and premiums at competitive prices, specially designed to fit your needs.

Our specialists are sensitive to your needs and always available for assistance.

Our skilled designers will provide you with fast and simple solutions: customized premium carriers that suit your specific requirements.

Our premium carriers are resistant and easy to insert without complicating your packaging process.

An inventory is available for most on-packs, as well as samples for evaluation and tests.

The perfect choice: Thanks to Le Baron’s wide range of in-stock and imported premiums, picking the ideal item to reach your market is an easy task. Even your own company’s promotional items can be included in our carriers — from golf balls to magazines to pens, the combinations are unlimited.

Complete packaging, imprinting, and coordination services will help you save on transportation and follow-ups. Save even more on volume orders.

We look forward to supplying your on-pack requirement.