Product Information:  Slings


Material:                          7 ½ gauge PVC


Colour:                              Clear


Imprint:                            We can hot stamp your logo or company information on these vinyl hangers.

Additional charges may apply.


Options:                              Corners cut are an option. Additional charges will apply.


Testing:                            Please ask for a sample or send us your bottle or container with a sealed cap

along with your giveaway, and Le Baron would be happy to test the item for

you at our testing premises.


Purposes For Use:             Our Vinyl Slings can be used for On-Packs, special events, promotions, new

products, and cross promotions.


Examples Of Use:            These carriers holds a miniature 50ml bottle,  shot glasses, soda cans, juice cans, key

rings, golf balls, golf tees, miscellaneous health and beauty products, office supplies,

and a wide variety of premium/promotional items. The possibilities are endless.

How To Apply:                  Place your premium or promotion inside the opening of the sling and slide

both ends with the hole through the neck of the bottle or container. Your On-Pack

is then placed in front of or on the side of the neck of the bottle or container.


Packaging:                        Please send us your attachments, bottles, or containers, and Le Baron

Distributors will gladly package it for you at a slight charge.

Benefits & Features:          Easily applied

Difficult to remove

Premiums are securely attached to both items

Free giveaways create impulsive buying

Can be used to entice your customers to try your other products, or to cross promote

different brands

Provides added value to your promotion

Used for a wide range of industries, such as: Distilleries, Wineries, Liquor

Agencies, Health and Beauty, Pharmaceutical, Tourism, packaged food, and Car

Dealerships (many others industries can also benefit)

These hangers are manufactured in Canada

100% recyclable


New Designs:                    We can custom-make a design or create a new design to meet your specifications.

Simply send us your bottle or container, preferably with a sealed cap, along with your

premium or promotion (if not purchased from Le Baron) and our design team will

submit a sample to you within a short time for your approval.

Additional charges will apply.


Disclaimer:                        Items may not be exactly as shown, as they are just strictly for presentation use.

However, most of these items we can order for you.


These types of carriers will fit on most sized bottles or containers. However, they are

dependent on the cap and neck size. We urge you to order a sample or send us your

bottle or container, sealed cap, and premium or promotional insertion in order for us to do

the necessary testing for your On-Pack promotion.


Contact Us :                       Please call our excellent customer service department for additional

information, samples, pricing, or any other concerns.